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Our Philosophy

As a major player within the healthcare industry, we acknowledge that we have the responsibility of creating positive change within our communities. We therefore strive to implement change within the three dimensions of sustainable development as outlined by the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, namely economic, social and environmental.

Our focus areas within the sustainable development framework


Ethical supply chains


Reducing our carbon footprint


Charitable donations


HIV/AIDS Awareness


Improving healthcare practises


Empowering our workforce

Our Sustainability Initiatives

We believe that sustainability needs to start where our success lies – in our employees.

It is through their hard work and dedication that we are able to improve patient’s lives. With this in mind, we ensure that our employees receive the very best treatment.


We take personal responsibility towards career growth and development of our employees. We achieve this through on-going guidance as well as a combination of management, leadership and creativity programs.


We continue to maintain an injury free work environment. In 2018, our total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) was less than 0.30.


We’ve now integrated a “lateral growth” mentality, which not only allows for open communication and innovation to thrive, but it also instils a desire to learn, grow and achieve.

Our Healthcare Seminars - Bringing people together to share knowledge .

Our seminars are aimed at improving healthcare practises within hospital and clinical facilities throughout South Africa.

• Open communication and discussion between health professionals
• Addressing newly raised health issues
• Training on health processes and product use
• Supporting improvements in health across all facilities 

IPC (Infection, Prevention & Control)
SSI (Surgical Site Infection)
• Wound Care Assessment
• Wound Care Management
• PPE (Personal protective equipment)
• Orthopaedic Care 

Our seminars incorporates the Department of Health and WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines. The seminars are conducted free of charge and invites between 50—200 health professionals from Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Health Institutions.


Going Green
Unethically disposed product waste represents a significant amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and thus contributes to climate change. It is therefore vitally important that we as a healthcare supplier take affirmative action to do what’s best to reduce our impacts on climate change. With this in mind, we make every attempt possible to minimise all of our waste at all our sites, especially at our manufacturing locations, this includes the implementation of advanced in-house mechanisms designed to increase production efficiency and decrease production waste. We also continually remind healthcare providers to practise ethical waste disposal and recycling. 


IBV Children’s VIP Day
Logan Medical has been a proud sponsor of the annual IBV Children’s VIP Day for the last 7 years. This event is focused on creating an unforgettable experience for 2500 underprivileged children from over 36 homes across KwaZulu-Natal. This includes a full day inclusive of entertainment, endless amounts of food, essentials such a stationery and clothing, games and their childhood role models; from sportsmen to actors and local artists.

“Conserve Water, Conserve Life” 

We understand that water supply is becoming more of an issue every day, that is why we have taken the following steps to ensure we do our part towards sustainable water conservation.


By 2020 we plan to install low-flow restrictor faucets in all our break rooms and rest rooms.


By 2021 we aim to install 15 rain-water tanks within our facilities.


The use of air conditioning units is limited within our offices.


We continually encourage our staff to use water sparingly at home.


We conduct a bi-annual water audit to keep track of our water usage. These audits provide detailed information on where opportunities lie for using less water.


Durban Head Office
6 Pencarrow Park 
La Lucia, Umhlanga
Durban, 4319
KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa


Email: info@loganmed.co.za    
Phone: (031) 500 2200